WE are a manufacturing company with industrial series production and strive for market leadership in niche markets with strategic business partners.

WE use our market-leading position in the field of balancing weights to offer further and complementary products for tire service in original equipment as well as in the spare parts business, such as valves, TPMS, mounting paste and tire fillers.

WE are also striving to become the market leader in each of these product segments.

WE are the market leader for battery terminals for passenger car starter batteries. We are using our acquired competencies to also offer battery terminals for other application areas in the future, such as stationary energy storage, traction and supply batteries in a trend-setting manner.


We want to continue to grow

We want to grow further in the markets for tire service products and battery poles in order to achieve market leadership.

We are the industry experts

In our markets we are recognized worldwide for first-class production methods, quality and service.



We live service

We focus on and always respond to the requirements of our customers.

We offer products and services that simplify the day-to-day work simplify the day-to-day work of our customers.

We act in partnership

We meet our customers at eye level.

We bring about solutions in order to be successful together.


We communicate openly

We are open and honest with each other.

Professional and transparent feedback supports our culture.

Politics do not play a role for us.

We work together in together

We work as a team and can rely on each other.

We stand together.

We take care the problems of our customers and act solution-oriented.


We are continuously improving

We regularly review our processes in order to improve and develop them further.

In doing so, we challenge ourselves to reach a higher level.

We always act in an entrepreneurial way

We assume holistic responsibility for our actions.

We always take into account the interests of the entire company and the of the community.

We are committed to a green environment and sustainability.